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FIFe Rules & Forms

Here you will find the current FIFe Statutes and Rules as well as all official FIFe forms and various other documents for viewing and downloading.

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General RulesEnglishFrenchGerman
Show RulesEnglishFrenchGerman
Show Rules – Code of Ethics for ExhibitorsEnglishFrenchGerman
Show Rules – § 4.3 Obtaining the titles Int. Champion or Int. PremiorEnglishFrenchGerman
Rules for Judges & Student JudgesEnglishFrenchGerman
Breeding & Registration RulesEnglishFrenchGerman
EMS SystemEnglishFrenchGerman
Breed Council RulesEnglishFrenchGerman
History of ChangesEnglishFrenchGerman
Show EntryEnglishFrenchGerman
Breed Council ApplicationEnglishFrenchGerman
Steward CertificateEnglishFrenchGerman
Student Judge AdmissionEnglishFrenchGerman
Student Judge CertificateEnglishFrenchGerman
Judges Examination ApplicationEnglishFrenchGerman
Probational Judge Stage CertificateEnglishFrenchGerman
Mentor Judge ApplicationEnglishFrenchGerman
Judges Yearly ActivitiesEnglishFrenchGerman
Breeding & Registration StatisticsEnglishFrenchGerman
Membership Change procedureEnglishFrenchGerman
Show Organisers GuideEnglish
Breed Workshop GuidelinesEnglishFrenchGerman
Comp. Student Judges’ Seminar GuidelinesEnglish
Mentor Judge GuidelinesEnglishFrenchGerman
EMS Quick Reference CardEnglish