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FIFe Feline Fund

For Feline Health Research and Healthy Breeding

The Fédération Internationale Féline is a leading international cat fancier organisation dedicated to the welfare of cats and the promotion of responsible breeding practices. With a network of Member organisations around the world, FIFe works to ensure the highest standards in feline care and to support the global cat breeding community.

The FIFe Feline Fund aims to provide vital support for scientific studies focused on feline health, contributing to the development of innovative treatments and preventive measures. Additionally, the Fund seeks to address the challenges faced by specific cat breeds at risk of being banned due to misconceptions. By promoting healthy breeding practices, FIFe strives to ensure the preservation and vitality of these breeds.

Our goal is to support cutting-edge research that will improve the lives of all cats and to ensure that responsible breeders have the resources and knowledge they need to maintain the health and diversity of feline breeds. Through the FIFe Feline Fund, we are committed to safeguarding the future of feline health and supporting breeders who adhere to ethical and healthy breeding standards.

The FIFe Feline Fund will allocate grants to research projects and initiatives that align with its mission. Members of FIFe and any individuals are encouraged to contribute to the Fund and participate in fundraising activities. By working together, the community can make a significant impact on the future of feline health and breeding.

For your donation, please use our following bank account:
Account Name: Research Account FIFe
IBAN: LU62 0022 0000 0110 5273
Dexia Banque Internationale a Luxembourg
69, route d’Esch
LU-2953 Luxembourg.

Thanks in advance for your donation!