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FIFe Cattery Names

Below you can check to see if a cattery name is available. A negative result to your search query only means that it is possible the cattery name is available. A final determination still has to be made by the FIFe Cattery Name Administrator.

Search tips

Due to variations in spelling and wording, to narrow down a search for an available cattery name you should:

  1. search for the cattery name written as you desire
  2. if no results, perform a series of searches using partial names (for example: if you searched for “Starry Night”, perform another search for “Starrynight”, then another for “star”, then another for “ight” and so on)
  3. if still no results, perform a series of phonetic searches (for example: “Fat Cat”, then “Phat Cat”, then “Fat Kat” and so forth)
  4. if still no results, there is a good possibility that the cattery name is available.
Owner wdt_ID id_cattery Cattery
76676 17 1.Bojarina
76677 18 10 de Pique (du)
76678 21 1001 Nocy
76679 24 3 Anges (des)
76680 25 3 B
76681 30 3e Dragons (du)
76682 32 4 Do Brydza
76683 33 4 Ever Coon
76684 35 4ever Blue Spirit
76685 36 4white 4you (of)
Owner id_cattery Cattery