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Sacred Birman


The Sacred Birman is a colour pointed breed with a semi-long coat. They have beautiful deep blue eyes, sweet expression and four white feet.


There are several stories about the origin of the breed. One of the many legends states the Birman being raised by the Kittah priests in their temple in Burma. Apparently, the breed came to Europe around 1900. France was the first country in Europe which recognised the breed in 1925, the Birman was recognised by FIFe in its foundation year 1949. Since then, the popularity of the breed has been growing in Europe and other continents and Sacred Birmans remain one of the most popular pointed cats.


The Birman is a pointed cat with medium long coat. The special features of the breed are the white feet, called “gloves”, on both the front and hind feet. These gloves must be pure white. On the back of the hind feet the glove ends in an inverted “V” and are called “gauntlets”. The head has soft contours with well-developed cheeks. The profile shows a medium long nose with slight indentation and slightly rounded forehead. The eyes are very intensive blue in colour, medium in size and slightly oval which makes the expression very sweet. The ears are rather small with rounded tips. The body is slightly long, with short and strong legs and is covered with semi-long/long, soft and single, silky coat. Birmans are Siamese pointed cats in different colours where the points should be even and in good contrast with the lighter body colour. 


Birmans are very playful and friendly cats. They love humans’ company and get along with other cats or dogs. Birmans love when you show them respect and will make it clear to you very soon.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2017