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Russian Blue


The Russian Blue is a graceful looking cat with a sculpted head with straight lines. Long and elegant with medium bone structure, toned muscles, short dense double coat with silver sheen, expressive green eyes and with the characteristic smile.


The Russian Blue is a natural breed that may have originated in the port of Arkhangelsk in Russia, according to cat rumours’ the Russian Blue breed descends from cats kept by the Russian Czar. In the mid-1860s the breed migrated via ship to England and Northern Europe. Russian Blue made its first public appearance in 1875 at London’s Crystal Palace as the Archangel Cat.


Russian Blues are well balanced and graceful cats. Their head is a short wedge showing a straight profile and a convex angle at forehead. Ears are wide at the base. Eyes are large, almond in shape and vivid green in colour. Coat is short, dense and standing up like plush, medium to lighter grey shades showing a distinct and visible silver sheen.


The Russian blue is sweet-tempered cat who likes the contact with his owner and follows him everywhere. They are calm, affectionate, and very smart. Demonstrating affection with whole family, they have tendency to attach to one member in particular. They are very social but also like quiet and private spaces. Russian Blue can be alone during the day, but they need attentions and active playtime when home.

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