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Oriental Shorthair


The Oriental Shorthair, sister breed of the Siamese, is basically a Siamese cat without the colourpoint gene. It is a shorthair cat with elegant and tubular body, ears large at the base and vivid green eyes. It comes in every colour but colourpoint.


After the establishing of the Siamese cat, some breeders expressed the desire to add more colours to their breeding programs. Hence they started mating Siamese cats with different breeds and colours and they succeeded fixing all possible colours on a Siamese type cat. The breed was granted recognition by FIFe in 1959.


The look of the Oriental Shorthair is very similar to the one of a Siamese but with vivid green eyes and a fully coloured body. Orientals have long tubular bodies, long tapering tails, wedge shaped heads, ears large at the base and almond shaped eyes. The head must be inserted in an imaginary triangle whose outer lines connects the outer point of the ears to the point of the nose.  The coat is very short and glossy, and it lies very close to the body.


The Oriental Shorthair is a very affectionate cat. They usually like company of both other cats and other animals cause they hate being lonely, they usually love living in pairs of groups. They are highly trainable and intelligent, very playful and athletic. They are very loud and vocal.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2014