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Oriental Longhair


The Oriental Longhair is a semi longhaired oriental cat. This breed originates from the crossbreed of Siamese and oriental cats with other longhair breeds so their look is the typical oriental look with a longer coat.


After some breeders successfully obtained a longhaired Siamese, there was the intention to attain the same result with oriental shorthair cats and so the selection began, mating oriental shorthairs with longhaired cats from different breeds. In 1985 the breed obtained recognition status by FIFe.


The Oriental Longhair is a cat with a long tubular body, just like and Oriental Shorthair but with a longer silky coat. It comes in every color but the colourpoint varieties and it has green eyes. Just like the shorthair variety, the Oriental Longhair has a long tapering tail, wedge shaped head, the ears are large at the base and they have almond shaped eyes. The head has to be inserted in an imaginary triangle whose outer lines connects the outer point of the ears to the point of the nose.


Oriental Longhair cats are lively, sweet, affectionate cats. They easily bond with their families and other animals, and like the shorthair variety, they love to share their life with other cats. They are very talkative and thrive on attention.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2014