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Norwegian Forest Cat


The Norwegian Forest Cat is a semi longhaired, natural breed originating from Scandinavia. With its solid bone structure, well developed muscle tone and spectacular coat it is called the Viking Cat.


The Norwegian Forest Cat is a part of many legends and myths. According to one legend, the grey Norwegian Forest Cat was supposed to be the subject of a bet between two Norse gods: Loki and Thor. The cat belonged to Loki, who persuaded Thor to lift the cat from the ground to prove the strength and power of the second. First breeding plans were started to ensure the future of the national cat in the 1930s, but World War II interrupted this work. Finally Norwegian Forest Cat breed was fully recognised by FIFe in 1977.


The Norwegian Forest Cat is large, broad chested breed with long body and long, bushy tail. Hind legs are higher that front legs what make them perfect jumpers and hunters. The Norwegian Forest Cat’s head is an equilateral triangle with straight sidelines and long profile. Large, pointed ears with characteristic tuffs complete the Viking appearance. Eyes are large, oval and very expressive with alert look. Double coat with woolly undercoat and coarse guard hair gives them good protection for all seasons of the year. Fully coated cat proudly presents its frill and knickerbockers on hind legs.


Norwegian Forest Cats are intelligent, clever and playful companions in the household. They love to play, interact with people and other animals. They try to always be around and watch the nearby environment. The Viking Kings always keep everything under control.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2024