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Lykoi is an ancient Greek word that means wolf.  This name refers to the missing coat on the Lykoi’s face, which gives the breed a (were)wolf-like appearance.


The Lykoi comes from a mutation of a domestic shorthair black cat appeared in the USA in 2010. The breed was founded in 2011 by Johnny Gobble, Brittney Gobble and Patti Thomas, when two unrelated litters of kittens were presented as unique cats. The breed is preliminary recognised by FIFe since 2023.


Lykoi vary from completely covered in hair to partially hairless. The hair coat is unique in appearance in that it resembles the coat of an opossum when mostly coated. Standards call for a roan coat (of any colour, although black is most common), a wedge-shaped head, and a lithe body of solid weight without excessive bulk.


Lykoi are friendly and unchallenging in their behaviour. They display a high level of affection for their owners. Although commonly described as looking visually arresting, perhaps invoking horror films to some owners, the Lykoi has sweet natured personalities and appreciate human affection, being labelled as “dog like cats”.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2023