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Kurilean Bobtail Longhair & Shorthair


The Kurilean Bobtail is a breed originating from the Russian Kuril Islands, as well as Sakhalin Island and the Kamchatka peninsula of Russia. It has a compact body type and a distinct short, fluffy tail. The back is slightly arched with hind legs longer than the front.


The Kurilean Bobtail is being developed and promoted as a Russian aboriginal breed that is separate and distinct from the Japanese Bobtail. There are several versions of the origin of the breed. The main origin of the breed is considered to be from a crossbreeding of Japanese Bobtail cats with Siberian cats brought by sailors to the Kuril Islands. The breed is recognised by FIFe since 2004.


The Kurilean Bobtail, which comes in short and longhaired coat lengths, is mostly known for its distinctive kinked, short tail from 3 to 8 cm long. The back is slightly arched, with hind legs longer than the front. It has a medium to large, substantial, compact, muscular build and a wide face which is in shape of trapezium, wide at cheeks.


In the wild, this cat is an excellent fisher and hunter, which may explain why the Kurilean loves to play in water. The Kurilean is known for its clever and gentle nature.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2024