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The Korat is probably one of the oldest natural breeds of cats, originating from Thailand where they are called “Si-Sawat” which is the name of a silver-blue coloured seed. Thai people consider them as their National Breed and “good luck” cats. They are very healthy cats, selected by nature and never mixed with any other breed.


The Korat was first described in an old (1350-1767) manuscript called Smud Khoi preserved at the Bangkok’s National Museum. The manuscript can be probably considered as the first “standard” as it also describes other local breeds (including Burmese and Siamese). Korats were first imported in the States in the early 60es and in Europe in the 70es. But most probably appeared earlier in England (1889) during a cat show, presented as a Blue Siamese. It was of course disqualified because it was not pointed. Korats are now bred mostly in Europe and Scandinavia. Not many breeders are left in the USA.


The Korats are medium in size and semi-cobby in body shape. They have very strong muscles and are extremely agile. The head has the shape of a heart, and the eyes are very large, round and of a brilliant peridot green colour. The coat is also a characteristic of the breed. Silver blue (grey) only, with tips silver especially where the coat is shorter. The coat is short, flat on the body and glossy, so to underline body shape and the incredible muscles they have.


Korats are dominant cats, which develop a special bond with its human. They are quite vocal and sicking for attention all the time. Can get quite bored and need a lot of activity. They love to play and to make tricks and are not afraid of anything. Because of their personality, they put themselves into trouble quite often. Therefore, it is mandatory they live in a place which is safe enough for their vitality.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2022

More information dedicated to the Korat can be found on the Korat Breed Council website.