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House Cat Longhair & Shorthair


House cats are lovable creatures that anyone can find everywhere in the world and that often becomes a valuable member of the family for cat lovers. House cats are often the reason for many people in the cat fancy to start as exhibitors and later on as breeders. In FIFe, house cats are divided in Longhairs and Shorthairs.


The origins or house cats are as old as the night of times when wild cats have been domesticated by humans and started to help with the rodents infestation and hunting. House cats have been present through the history of humanity, either as farm helpers or as aristocrats’ pets. We can find many house cats in art, paintings and their lives have been published often in literature, as discrete companions of common people and important historical characters. They have been also used during the past centuries as the genetic base for the breeding of some more famous breeds, because of their strength, their character and their physical features.


The appearance of the house cat is not subject to any measure or size. They can be large, small, they can have long or short hair, eyes and coat of any colour and head of different shapes. The most important thing for an house cat is that it is healthy and happy and that its coat is clean and his eyes are bright.


House cats are usually happy and playful, friendly with everybody and usually extremely smart. House cats are usually very relaxed and wise animals that take care of the house and their humans with a very affectionate attitude. They are usually very healthy and strong, and live long and happy lives when properly cared for. Their temperament is also very important at shows and when house cats are friendly and playful, they have very big chances to conquer the judges’ heart and win.

House Cat Standard