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German Rex


The German Rex is a medium sized breed which most striking feature is its velvety, curly coat.


In the summer of 1951, a doctor in the area of Berlin (Germany), Rose Scheuer-Karpin, noticed a black curly-coated cat in the hospital garden. The hospital’s personnel told her that they had known the cat since 1947. Her impression that the curly coat must be the result of a mutation, was shown to be correct. Thus, this was the first breeder-owned Rex-type cat and the maternal ancestor of all the current German Rex. The breed is recognised in FIFe since 1982.


The German Rex is a medium sized cat with rather fine legs of a medium length. The head is rounded with well developed cheeks and medium large ears. The eyes are of medium size. The main characteristic of the breed is its coat, which can vary in density but must be short, wavy all over and very silky. Being without guard hair, it feels like soft velvet at touch.


German Rex cats are very friendly and quickly bonds with their humans. They are lively, playful and intelligent.