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Devon Rex


The Devon is a medium built breed with a special curly coat and a diamond shaped head Main characteristics are the curly hair, the very short profile and the very large and low set ears. They are said to be used by Rambaldi as models for the creation of ET.


The Devon Rex is a breed originating in 1959 in Devon, UK. The breed is based on a natural mutation of the coat that makes it look curly. The first Devon was named Kirlee, son of a stray cat, and was adopted by Miss Beryl Cox, that later tried to breed him to another curled cat from Cornwall. The experience did not work and later on it was clear the mutations were different. It took only few generations to set up a breed Standard and in 1967 the Devon Rex was recognized by FIFe.


The Devon is an agile and muscled cat, with broad chest and medium body length and height of legs. It has broad cheek bones and blunt short muzzle. The profile shows a very short profile and nose break and on top is flat. The chin is deep and in line with the nose. The ears are very large and very low set. The look is very typical of the breed and the head shape resembles that of a diamond. The most typical trait is, of course, the coat, which is curly and/or wavy, with or without guard hairs. It must be short and dense and can be of any colour.


Very sweet cat, the Devon is super friendly with humans and other pets. They are excellent jumpers as their back legs are quite well developed with muscles. They love warm places and human contact, especially in the Winter.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2024