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Cymric is a tailless or stumpy tail semilong-haired breed. The cause of taillessness is a natural gene mutation.


Cymric (and Manx) comes from the Isle of Man, located in the middle of Ireland, Scotland and Wales. These tailless cats have existed on the island for hundreds of years. Although the original island cats were shorthairs, the longhair gene was undoubtedly introduced during the long rule of the Vikings, when the the longhaired beauties that are the ancestors of today’s Norwegian Forest Cats left the Viking ships and comingled with the native cats.


The most characteristic feature of the Cymric cat is its taillessness, they are born tailless, short-tailed or long-tailed. The general appearance of the Cymric cat is round. The back is short. Their structure is solid and muscular. The hindquarters are round, the hind legs are slightly higher than the front legs. It has a very round head with rounded cheeks which give it a jowly appearance, especially in the male. The fur can be any color or pattern, and this silky coat is medium in length, with breeches, abdomen, and neck ruff being longer than the coat on the main body.


By nature, Cymric are sociable, involved and adaptable. They are easy-going cats with a relaxed attitude towards life and devoted to their families. They have extremely powerful hindquarters which allow them to jump to great heights and run with rapid acceleration and quick turns.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2012