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Cornish Rex


Cornish Rex gives the impression of a very noble, elegant, subtle, intelligent and incredibly delicate creature, like a ballerina. At first, they may keep distance from humans for few moments, but after a while they feel comfortable on someone’s shoulder or even head.


All Cornish Rexes worldwide have the same forefather, a cat called Kallibunker. This first curly coated ancestor was born the 21st July 1950. Kallibunker was one of five kittens born to tortie female farm cat called Serena. Serena lived in the countryside of Cornwall, Bodmin Moor, United Kingdom. It is estimated that Serena was born 1948 and it is known that she had normal straight coat. Kallibunker was later mated with his mother Serena and in that litter there were three kittens: one normal coated female and two curly coated males. The first Cornish Rex matings were done mixing Kallibunker and his son Poldu with housecats and British Shorthairs. The Cornish Rex was recognised by FIFe in 1968.


The Cornish Rex is a medium built cat, with a slim, yet muscular and strongly outlined silhouette. The difference between males and females is quite noticeable. Ms. Cornish Rex is elegant, showing a slim waist and looking like a delicate lady. Mr. Cornish Rex is more muscular and with a more powerful expression. Cornish Rex head is egg shaped, and its profile is straight with a flat forehead. The eyes are medium to large, and their expression is that of a very alert cat. This expression is also enhanced by the ears, which are very large and upright set. Cornish move lightly and elastic because of their long legs. Hind legs are longer than front legs, which make them jump very high. The most evident feature of Cornish Rex, compared to other breeds, is the short, wavy, plushy coat, resembling that of an astrakhan lamb.


Cornish Rex loves participating in all household activities. So, if something interesting is happening at the same time in two different places at home, Cornish Rex will be trying to be in both places! Even when people are asleep, Cornish Rex needs their company. Cornish Rex is very social and usually loves having company of another active cat.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2024

More information dedicated to the Cornish Rex can be found on the Cornish Rex Breed Council website.