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Burmilla has started out as an accident mating and won true love of cat fans because of its beautiful appearance and pleasant affectionate personality. These are elegant cats of medium size with cute open expression and gorgeous eyes. Burmillas tend to be mellow, outgoing, loving, and playful.


This breed appeared in England, UK in early 1980s from an unplanned mating between a Burmese cat and a Persian Chinchilla. Kittens born out of this feline romantic affair had an attractive unusual look because of black-tipped coat pattern, unique coat texture and sweet temperament. The name Burmilla indicates the two parent breeds involved in its creation: BURM(ese-chinch)ILLA. FIFe accepted this breed on January 1, 1995.


Burmillas are medium-build, sturdy and well-muscled cats. While males may be quite robust, females are usually slenderer and daintier. The average weight of Burmilla cat is 4-5 kg. They have short silky dense coat showing a striking contrast between coloured shading/tipping and undercoat. Their luminous large eyes outlined with the colour of shading/tipping are captivating.


Burmilla is a family cat that immediately becomes a true member of the household. Loyal, devoted, and sociable, Burmilla cats stay close to their owners and turn into their dedicated life-time companions. Active like a kitten even during their adulthood, this sweet-natured cat gets perfectly well with children, elderly persons, and other pets.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2019