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The Burmese is a cat which originates in the Thai-Burma border and is one of the breeds described in the Smud Khoi, the old Thai Manuscript. His original name is Thongdaeng or Supphalak (which means copper) and is still bred in Thailand.


The modern Burmese descend from one black female brought to US from Burma in 1930. The result of early breeding activity ended up with quite different types in USA and in the UK where the breed was early recognized in the 50es.


The typical genetic of the Burmese (cbcb) comes from the pointed series and is one of the Burmese’ characteristics. Because of this, they show very little contrast between the colour of the points and the body colour, especially in some lighter varieties. The Burmese is compact in body and has a broad chest. Is well muscled and is more heavy than one can expect. It has a super glossy, silky and short coat and his head is broad at cheeks and high in profile with a visible nose break. The eyes shape gives them a peculiar intense look as they have the upper eyelid straight and the lower eyelid round.


Super affectionate cats, the Burmese are great companions also for children and other pets. They have a very friendly personality and are very loyal to their owners. They are playful and always very active especially as kittens but also as adults. They are always kittens when it comes to play, no matter the age. Burmese don’t like to be left alone for long period of time, they are much happier when in couple. And when they are not happy with something, their voice will be heard clear and loud.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2024