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The Balinese is a semi longhaired Siamese cat. They share the same appearance of a Siamese but with a longer silky coat.


The selection of the Balinese started in the mid-1950s when a few breeders decided to start selecting long-haired Siamese cats. In order to attain this goal the breeders mated their Siamese cats with other longhair cats (such as Persian). Helen Smith, one of the founders of this breed, decided to name them Balinese as, according to her, the look and elegance of this breed reminds the grace of Balinese dancers. The Balinese was recognised by FIFe in 1983.


The appearance of the Balinese is basically the same as the Siamese with deep blue eyes and the typical colourpoint coat but with long hair. Siamese cats have no undercoat and a very short, silky and bright hair, while Balinese cats have medium long hair, which becomes longer on the frill, shoulders and the tail forming a plume. They have a slender body, long legs, tapering tail, large pointed ears and a wedge-shaped head with long tapering muzzle and slanted eyes.


Balinese cats are extremely lovely and affectionate cats. They are highly intelligent and active, they love to play and to interact with other members of the family and other animals. They thrive on attention and prefer to live in pairs or groups than lonely. Balinese cats are talkative and athletic just like the other sister breeds.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2018