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American Curl Longhair & Shorthair


The American Curl is known for curly ears and playful like a kitten- the Peter Pan of cats (the boy who never grows up). Curls are born with straight ears, at about one week of age the ears start to curl, in 4 months of age the degree of curl is more or less ready.
In analyzing data on 81 litters (383 kittens), renowned feline geneticist Roy Robinson of London, England, confirmed that the ear-curling gene is autosomal dominant, which means that any cat with even one copy of the gene will show the trait. In the December 1989 Journal of Heredity, Robinson reported finding no defects in any of the crosses he analyzed.


The first American Curl was found in California in 1981, a curl eared, black female named Shulamith. When “Shu” had her first litter in December 1981, two of her kittens had curled ears. This is how Shulamith became the mother of this new conquering breed, she must be found in the background of every purebred curl. The American Curl is recognised by FIFe since 2003.


In structure, curls are elegant, muscular cats of medium size. The long-haired curl has a semilong, soft, silky, flat lying coat and as little undercoat as possible. The short haired curl has a short, soft, silky coat and as little undercoat as possible. Fur is really easy to care for. All colour varieties are recognised. Curl’s head is softly wedge-shaped and in profile the nose is medium long and straight, the top of the head and the back of the head are curved. The eyes are quite large and bright and walnut-shaped. Longhair curl’s tail is equal length to its body and plumed.


Curls are very people-oriented, curious, faithful, affectionate soulmates, adjusting remarkably fast to other pets, children, and new situations. They participate in all the activities of the home. It is typical for the breed that they easily learn different tricks, opening cupboards and doors is child’s play for them.

Breed Standard
Last modification of the Standard: 2024