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Obituary – Mr. Gianmichele Romano

The FIFe Board was informed today – the 29.12.2023 – that the International FIFe Judge for categories 1 and 2 Mr. Gianmichele Romano (IT) passed away. Gianmichele reached the age of 66 this year. Gianmichele was always known as “Giangi”. In 1984 he started to breed Persian cats under the cattery name Kenfthis, which was registered in 1987 by FIFe. His cats were successfully shown and appear also as ancestors in Persian pedigrees all over Europe. He took his judge exam in category I in 1998 and in category II in 2003. The Board of FIFe extends its sincere condolences to Mr. Romano’s family and friends and to the Italian Member ANFI.