Judges and Standards Commission

The Judges and Standards Commission is composed of 6 members. Each FIFe category (I, II, III and IV) is represented by at least 2 members who are International Judges qualified in that category. This commission is responsible for:

  • studying the admission of new breeds
  • establishing standards applicable to such new breeds
  • modifying the standards of recognised breeds
  • maintaining the Rules for Judges and Student Judges
  • administering a training programme for student judges
  • the further education of existing judges

Mrs. Donatella Mastrangelo
all-breed judge, Italy

Mr. Steven L. Jones
judge for categories II & III, Norway

Mr. Stéphane Henry

judge for categories I & II, France

Mrs. Pia Nyman
judge for categories II & IV, Finland
Mrs. Katia Pocci
judge for categories II & III, Italy


1 position vacant


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