Frequently Asked Questions

By individuals:

Which Best in Show titles are valid towards obtaining the Distinguished Show Merit - DSM title?

Both BIS (Best in Show) as well as BOS (Best in Show Opposite Sex) in any official show class are valid towards this prestigious title. (Including cats which started their career as a fertile cat and were later neutered—all BIS/BOS won as a fertile cat are valid towards DSM).

Is it possible for me to change from my national member to a FIFe member in another country, what is the procedure for this?

Yes, it is possible to change membership to another FIFe member. The conditions, procedure and a request form may be found in the section Rules & Forms.

How do I register my cattery name or my kittens with FIFe?

In order to do this you must be a member of one of the FIFe member organisations. If there is not a FIFe member club in the country where you live, you may be able to join one in another country. (For information about joining the FIFe, contact the FIFe member in your country of residence or, if no FIFe member in your country, a member of your choosing). Once you are a member you can apply to register your cattery name with FIFe as well as registering individual cats or kittens.

I would like to complain about the way a FIFe judge behaved at a recent show, how do I do this?

According to article 1.6 of the Judges Rules, you should write to your national member, or your club, giving full details. If your member agrees, the complaint will be sent by them to the FIFe board; this must be done within two months of the event in question. You cannot write directly to the FIFe board nor any of its Commissions, you must do this through your member.

I would like to bring a proposal to the FIFe General Assembly, how do I go about this?

You contact your national member, or your club, and the proposal will then be considered. If your club, or national member, support this proposal, they will put it forward to the General Assembly.

Why do Austria and The Netherlands have 2 FIFe members? I thought it was only possible for there to be only one FIFe member for each country.

In the early eighties the General Assembly decided that there would be only one Member in each country. Prior to that, there had been no such rule and both ÖVEK (AT) and Mundikat (NL) had been accepted as members. When the new rule was passed, it was agreed that they should retain their rights as FIFe Members.

By National Members:

Where do I send applications for show dates?

Go to the reserved area on this site, sign in and make a new show request. If you don't have a login, please contact the FIFe show administrator

We would like to invite a non-FIFe judge to our show, is this allowed?

There are certain conditions for this which can be found in article 6.1.2 of the Show Rules. You must also ask permission of the FIFe board. When asking permission you must name the judge you wish to invite and also the FIFe judges who are invited to the show.

The list of judges on the web site only gives e-mail addresses, if a judge does not have an e-mail address, how can I get in touch with him/her.

If you are a show organiser, you may request a complete list of FIFe Judges from your national member.

By Judges:

I have been invited to judge at a non-FIFe show, do I need FIFe’s permission and if so, how do I go about this?

You do need permission. You should write to the General Secretary giving the full details of the show you have been invited to and clearly indicating the organisers. According to the article 3.7 of the Judges Rules, the General Secretary will make enquiries before either giving or refusing permission.

I wish to complain about the events at a recent show where the rules were not observed, how do I do this?

According to the article 7.4 of the Show Rules, a violation of these rules must be reported to the national member, who will make a detailed and accurate report to the board of FIFe, to be send within two months of the show in question. The board may take the advice of the Show Commission before making a decision.

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